Vancouver With Love

Hey Readers, Welcome back this week I want to write a postcard on my Vancouver trip. The weather in Vancouver was a chilly breeze but fresh it was crisp and the morning air always felt like it should of belonged to an autumn morning, perfect for the place later on I than went to visit. [...]

Dubai With Love

Hey dolls and welcome to another #Travel Tuesday. I am so far behind but I have promised myself I will not lose any more photographs of trips or time doing what I love and chin wagging to you lovely lot. Therefore I have resorted in a throwback to the postcard Dubai. Now when I was [...]

Tis the Season

  `Tis the season, and if you haven't noticed here at jumpseat journals we are in  full swing . I mean I will be honest I.T is not my strongest point and my logo did take me nearly half of my standby 8 hours to complete but never the less  it is up and we [...]


It's always been a destination I have always wanted to see, what with its golden treasures and mouth watering food. So I was more than happy to get it off a standby at 23:45 the night before. So lets get cracking a 13 hour flight later, I was in Thailand the weather was humid and [...]