Hare-O plane.

At the beginning off the year I was walking around deciding decisions of what goes where and what looks nice with what, and it was great do not get me wrong I loved it. It was my job and I was so grateful the opportunity that Joules had given me but the peripatetic side of [...]

Barcelona- Day 2

Well what can I say 21,269 steps later a total off 16 km and 130 floors I am shattered but full off love and moments that can never fade from the lovely city of Barcelona. The day started like any other day I failed to get out off bed without being grumpy or still half [...]

Trick but Treats

Double Double Toil and Trouble, glossy box's have out done themselves again giving us a trick and treat which is pretty neat for all there glossy friends. Hey you from the other side of the screen its that time off month again and no I don't mean the time of month where we have on [...]