Sweet Pea Pantry Brownies | Flax & Teff

Hey Angels.

I have some amazing, chocolaty goodness for you today I have made my first ever batch of  Brownies with a twist. So I was Tesco a while ago and came across the Free from Aisle which I know I should shop in more but I just love all gluten which I know doesn’t love me. Anyway when in the aisle I came across the Sweet pea pantry brownie mix which brings us to today.

Quick Guide to gluten free brownies. So inside the box contains the mixture which includes flaxseed teff anf raw cacao with no sugar in your mix you are able to add your own sweetness in my case I added the creme eggs making it feel a little more festive.


2 eggs

100 mls oil or 100 g of Melted butter.

2-3 Tablespoons of Honey, Syrup or Coconut Sugar.

If you are going vegan you will need:

1 chia/flax Egg ( Or egg replacement)

120 Mls Coconut Oil

2-3 Tablespoons of syrup (maple or golden rice malt or agave)


  1.  Pre heat the oven to 180 or 160 fan
  2. Pour the sweet pea brownie mix into a bowl and add the syrup of your choice add an egg and mix well along with crunched up creme eggs.
  3.  Pour the mixture onto lined loaf or a well greased tin and allow it to bake for 10-13 mins in the pre heated oven I did do an extra 5 mins on top of the 13 but that was so that it was a little less gooey.


And there we have it creme egg brownies.


Lots Of Love




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