All eyes on me | Glossy Box

Hey Gorgeous Gloss pots, how are we all?

This month’s glossy box review is the fabulous all eyes on me. The five products I am about to share with you have been carefully and wonderfully picked out by the glossy creators. And I am here today to share with you just what gorgeous luxuries I have received.

First product I will be chatting about is by a brand called EYEKO. Now this is the first product I have used from them and it is the black magic mascara. The mascara is a black carbon finish which creates curvy brush lifts that elevates the lashes whilst making the lashes remain conditioned when doing my homework on the product I came across their key benefits one being that the conditioning is actually from keratin and shea butter.  So, it comes in two sizes the full size and the Deluxe Mini! Perfect for me in my travels! Mini anything is right up my street.


Price: £19.00 Full size 8ml or Deluxe Mini 4ml £8

Product two. Is by the brand CIATE London, this is a brand I have been lucky enough to get my hands-on before. This time round the product I received was a stamp and drag liner Duo. I will not lie this product has been added to my every day make up bag since I have taken it out of the box. If you know me, you will know that a wing and a red lip is my staple piece. Which is why I was more then happy to try out the double ended eye liner it features a wing shaped stamp on one side and a pointed felt tip on the other. Now I like to think I have mastered the wing for me when it comes to eyeliner, but this is an easy and accurate liner to have. You start of by stamping the wing on the corner of your eyes and then using the tip you line up the lash line and stamp together Making it seem effortless and timeless but still right on point.

Website | Price:  RRP £15.00

Product Three. Another brand I have yet to try since before this unboxing but a brand I have heard a lot about. Now with my job comes a lot of sleepless nights and early mornings not that time matters when you are flying across multiple time zones however what does matter is how my eyes look a number one tip invest in superb eye products that is an essential in being a flight attendant. You can see the joy I got then when I opened the SEBAMED Q10 lifting eye cream.  This eye cream has the representation of being able to give you youthful and bright looking eyes the product q10 is actually known to be a natural antioxidant, which creates and increases the production of new skin cells and reduces visible wrinkles in just 28 days! I know how incredible. Move aside sleep bags hello being I.D for everything).

Website | Price: £7.29

Product four is the famous SLEEK, if you are an original reader you would know when I first started writing back in 2014 I was obsessed with sleek and more importantly I was obsessed with their Palettes which was crazy because when I lifted the lid and saw that I had been given a SLEEK palette I was shocked!  The product then is the Highlighter Pallet in Solstice, the pigmentation on this pallet will have you turning all heads, Perfect for all eyes on me. Featuring both cream and powder you will get the best of both worlds. I personally am a fan of Cream highlighters and this is up there with its creamy pigmentation and smooth glow you will always be wanting to shine like the queen you are without the hassle of a constant top up It also contains two shimmery baked powders and one silky  another reason to purchase is its just not for your face the product is versatile and can be used on face and body.

Website | Price :£9.99

Product Five. MCOBEAUTY. My goodness where has this product been, I have never felt anything glide as smoothly and give a perfect finish like this long-lasting lipstick. Yes ladies you heard me long lasting lipstick and I can tell you from experience it does last a rather long time and no it does not go crusty or make your lips feel dry ( Nine hour flight is where I got to try this beauty out on and it really did not dishearten) Key benefits of this product is that its 1) Hydrating! I love anything that is hydrating and does not cause me to feel dry and tight especially on flight) 2. You know how some lipsticks can be quite heavy wear, well this one really is not in fact it’s such a lightweight lipstick you will forget you have applied it overall it is in the name so flawless.

Website  | Price: £12.00


And that is all for this month’s glossy box edition.  Although it is late, I knew I had received some amazing finds and just had to share it in a post. If you want to check the latest boxes I get I do upload every month around the (6-9th ) when the box gets delivered and that is over on my Instagram page (link here) for more check out the highlights, or better still I will be including all the information on how to get your very own glossy box. Now I was grateful enough that my lovely boyfriend decided to subscribe to this on the behalf of me, he wanted me to get over my blogger block and what a better way to do that then with make up and beauty products. The man knows the way to my heart. So, I hear you ask how you can get your hands on such a box well.

You will need to head over to the glossy box website, From there you can find directions on “How it works”once you scroll down to the bottom of the page it will give you 3 step to steps on how to join what you would wish to subscribe too and the glossy community in which you can be involved in. I honestly hand on heart can say that Glossy box for me is one of the best parcels I get through my door. Just with this post I have said I have got to try products and brands I have never heard of before, but I also get to reminisce on products I once upon a time loved so dearly.

If you already have joined glossy box or any other beauty box brand for that matter? I would love to know what products you love and why?

Until then

Lots of Love

Stay safe Stay happy Stay Grateful and blessed.








8 thoughts on “All eyes on me | Glossy Box

  1. I love these posts because I love being able to see new products I haven’t used before, I’m a huge fan of eyeliner so the eyeliner and stamp looks right up my street! You got some great goodies, the lipstick is a beautiful shade and I love the sebamed product, I need that on my eye bags and skin generally! Haha, thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re very welcome! Thank you for coming over to my page to read more! Honestly its a god sent for when you want to do a quick wing and you’re running out of time! I am also very big on my eyeliner!!


  2. okay fine, you’ve convinced me to look for a subscription box to invest in! I occasionally get a Vox Box so I’m not sure a makeup box is what I need right now but I’m always willing to try new things!
    Thanks for sharing your subscription(:

    Liked by 2 people

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