「clinque care」 ┇ Winter skin care.

Good evenings my loves,

Winter nights , Cold frosty mornings and chilly afternoon walks. Whenever and wherever you are your skin should always be a priority. I am in 20’s and I hands down would say that I now spend more money on skin care than I do make up and in fact I probably spend more time on skin care than I do applying my make up these days. So one of my Blogmas chats on here is about my skin care what I use and where you can find it! Shall we crack on with it…..


Foaming Sonic Facial Soap

What I love about this product the Creamy foaming facial soap is that it removes dirt, excess oil and impurities and  I always feel smoother and softer after using it. when researching and talking to the lovely lady in Edinburgh who works for clinque she informed me that it does work for all skin types. Which is ideal if you where wondering about this product for a gift or yourselves. The price for this little beauty it is £17.50 if you wish to get 150ml or £11.67 / 100ml. 

Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

This product simply blew my mind when I first got it, due to my line of work I wear make up probably longer than I should especially when in flight. So when I get the chance to get it of my Face I am straight out with this product. Now what this product does is that  it smoothly but  efficiently, dissolves and removes face and eye makeup along with any  dirt, and oil  that you may of picked up during the day This product Cleans thoroughly, which soothes skin while gently removing the levels of pollution, so my skin looks brighter and younger and refreshed.  The way I apply it is with my fingertips which enables me to than massage the balm all over my face or some times I will be more organised and use a Cleansing cloth or muslin cloth.

£25.00 125ml or £20.00 / 100ml


Moisture Surge 72 -Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator

The first product I actually got from clinque was this cream and I fell in love with it instantly I am constantly feeling dry skinned and this really does do the trick. The enhanced Moisture Surge is used with activated aloe water which I was told helps the skin create its very own  water source. When I have to talk about the texture or try and explain the texture I always say its a A gel-cream just like the same texture of bio-oil gel only difference its lighter and a million more times more hydrated.  50ml £37.00 or £74.00 / 100ml


Moisture Surge Face Spray Thirsty Skin Relief

Whenever my skin feels like it needs a little refresh ( normally after I come back from a bunk break) I use this spray its a moisture surge face spray which delivers  refreshing, Fine mist. As I have the small one I always carry it in my bag or in my pocket when in flight as it is easy just to whip out for a little bit more hydration.  Now for those who may ask if I Use this over make up than Yes I do. as it says on the bottle whenever the skin feels thirsty. It comes in two sizes that I know of being, £24.00 125ml or £19.20 / 100ml


Clinique All About Eye Serum

When I got my Clinique set on board it came with all 3 of the pink hydration products which was incredible since than, I have found it really hard to come across the eye serum as its never on the  clinique site this is why I had to go hunting on the internet for this a: for the blog b: My mum keeps asking me to get her one! Which proves how good it is if your mum is asking you for the beauty tips! As well every girl knows you get it from ya mama. Anyway this  All About Eyes Serum is a  De-Puffing Eye Massage Roll-On with features of an oil-free, non-irritating Caffeine ingredients which helps massage away eye bags,  and nourish puffy eye areas and counteract dark circles, instantly illuminating the skin around the eye. IDEAL when you have to work all throughout the night and get up different hours of the morning.

The cheapest I have found this product for is £19.64 on a website which if you click the title will come up in a new tab for you.

What I have noticed about using the Hydration set overall is : 

•The hydration of the whole 72 hours, My skin always feels hydrated and plump and fresh looking. 

• Under eyes feel less puffy, and more hydrated, although sometimes to hydrated because when it comes to eyelash extensions and the paper they put on your under eyes always falls of the(glamorous life of a flight attendant)

•Personally I feel like it  Provides both immediate and long-term hydration, especially on a long haul flight. I would normally apply it twice during a flight because I am clearly obsessed with the product.

So with all that information over load. I have come to the end of my winter skin care. If you have a love for clinque or have anything that you want to share. Leave a comment below. Beside that Check in tomorrow evening with a new post

Lots of Love






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