Hare-O plane.

At the beginning off the year I was walking around deciding decisions of what goes where and what looks nice with what, and it was great do not get me wrong I loved it. It was my job and I was so grateful the opportunity that Joules had given me but the peripatetic side of me still was within , a walking wanderer that’s who I have always been. The girl who wanted to explore the girl who wanted to give so much and get the same back. So that’s where this journey begins.

Since I was seven I wanted to be up the sky it’s after all the most beautiful place to be.  So after six weeks of training tears tantrums and a lot of laughter that is what I did with my new career as British Airways Cabin Crew.

And one month on I have finally got the time to sit down and tell you all about it whilst wearing my ever so nice soft slippers which may or may not have come from a hotel. So how was it? how is it going ? Where have you been? They seem to be the questions I am asked on a daily so I will now  explain it all. So grab your coffee or your tea snuggle up on the sofa and get reading babes.

How was it and how is it going , Well the other day I got asked to sum up the experience in one word now I would of said Adventurous but that is as bad as say ” I want this job because I want to travel in a interview”  So I went with thrilling the whole experience has been thrilling since the moment of getting the email regarding my assessment day  to my first ever flight.  After the long wait of getting cleared we all started a 6 weeks intense training course to become British Airways crew.  Training  was everything and more it was tears tantrums and laughter but we all did it we made it through and we was all wing ready! I would say that If you decided to want to become crew than my advice is you get out what you put in so put your life on hold and study you get the best rewards afterwards.

Now what is next oh yes, Where have I been The world is a big place and I want to put my footprint all over it but since the 21st May I have been to a total of 12 different countries and I have enjoyed them all America, Germany, Croatia, Austria , Sweden, France, Israel, Romania , Greece and the uae.


I can’t express how proud I am to be in this job and how grateful I am to experience such cultures and views in the world! It is more of a lifestyle than a job and I am just going to have to drag you around to make more memories so that I can look back on it all one day. I did think about making a new blog or just a new improved blog name but I am yet to find one to relate with my name and the travel industry….. If you have any ideas please let me know until than I shall leave you with my instagram and a warm goodbye as always


All my love



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