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One thing I love watching on youtube is “whats in my make up bag”. I know it’s absolutely crazy that I would waste a good few minutes of my day nosing around what others had in their make up bags but the truth is I do and by the looks off it you do as well seeing as you are now on your devices reading this post, which is great because I would love to know what make up you like to use? and what products do you love? However for the meanwhile shall we get on with what is in my make up bag work edition.

Foundation : No7 Instant Radiance £13.00  So what I found  fantastic about this product is that it is a medium coverage, what I also love is the fact it lives up to what number 7 say it does so  whats that I hear you say? well it gives your face a brightens to it and compliments your complexion by  reducing the appearance of  fatigue! It is an almost silky formula that glides on it has ingredients off  Ginger  which is known to help stimulate tired looking skin whilst other enriching vitamin  to helps boost skins vitality.
And lastly an almost soft violet pearls that would give dull, stressed out skin a healthy looking glow! This is a must for people who work long hours don’t want a lot off coverage and who who always feels like they have tired looking skin.

Highlighter: Oh man Oh man Oh man, as you can tell from the photograph I have been using this highlighter to its last days….This product is honestly incredible it has a life line off  8-hour  and is a creamy highlighter that shines so bright I would always ” be like brighter than the future hun”. This highlighter is quite literally from out off space and it goes by the name ” Astrolight – Electric   the color is described as a Champagne Sheen and I honestly couldn’t agree more as it is a liquid formula it is easy to use! you would normally find me putting this on all the high points of my face from my cheeks to my nose to even my cupid bow to give a more define look. £17.00 and money well spent.

Contour:   CYO Sweep Into Shape Contour Stick £5.50  Double-ended:  with one side a Shimmer highlighting cream and the other a  matte contouring cream, I will be honest I only actually use the contouring cream end. As contouring is a must for most girls I will not go into this product as much as I have the others however what I can say is that it creates a natural look, it blends easy  and is perfect for sculpting & defining.

Mascara: Better than sex mascara, £19.00   We all know who this little beauty is, the mascara that is known as better than sex, with it thickens formula its lengthiness, and curls that it gives you just  after one coat. If you want dramatic lashes this is the mascara to get your hands on.

Eyeliner: Bobbi Brown Ink Liner, Blackest black £24.50   I am a massive fan  of Bobbi Brown in fact it was the first make up brand I had and I will always have something dedicated to them in my make up bag whether its foundation or eyeliner or lipstick. and this month it was the Ink liner the perfect eye liner that gives you cat eyes like no ones business, what with its felt tip pen liner formula. your go-to for effortless eyes.

Eyebrow: Benefit Brown Contour pro shade 02 brown light £28.50  A  4-in-1 contour pencil, A formula that blends well it is waterproof and last up to 24 hours. Has a Lighter brow shade one deeper brow shade, A  definer and arch highlighter  which when you have time to put them all together gives you a clean shaped brow.

Lipgloss : Hey Hey huda you you, I can be your girlfriend ( Huda Beauty) £18.00.  Yes that it you know you are now singing that song, well this liquid lipstick always just reminds me off that  song when I put it on and than compare it as an actual lipstick ” you can do better” well I can tell you this once you put this lipstick on you will fall in love and you wouldn’t want another its pink and peachy matte nude just define your lips and give you that natural lip glow with a hint off dusky pink tones.

Lipliner : Lip Contour Huda Beauty in the shade Flirt £16.00 A hydrating lip liner, which gives you a define lip  with a velvety-matte touch, it really compliments the liquid lipstick which I have wrote about on the top and the shade is a light brown mix with a peachy tone.


And that is it for what is in my make up bag for when I am on the go. The essentials I need for this hectic day to day life in the city, Now as I said I love looking through other make up bags so I have come into colab with one off  my best friend Megan ( Tappy talks). And if you head over to her blog she will also be doing her ” whats in my make up bag” She is an amazing make up artist and I can’t wait to go over to her blog to see what she has to say about her beauty essentials So I advice you beauts to do the same.

Speak soon



8 thoughts on “Make up bag on the go

    1. Oh my god, honestly I would say invest in it! It is such a game changer and if you want they actually do minis for 10 pound may even be less, I believe so you can always get a small one to try! And yes this foundation just seems too leave my face glowing and best bit is its great for sensitive skin xo


  1. I’ve wanted to try better than sex for ages now but the weird shape of the wand always puts me off. I’m a huge fan of Bobbi Brown eyeliners and Benefit brow products. Love posts/ videos like this too, always fun to have a little snoop and see what people are using x


    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s my favourite type off blog to do, Bobbi brown is honestly one off my favourite make up brands and benefit are the only people I trust with my brows! Thank you , and yes the wand at first scared me but it honestly works and never leaves clumps which is a must for me x


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