Barcelona- Day 2

Well what can I say 21,269 steps later a total off 16 km and 130 floors I am shattered but full off love and moments that can never fade from the lovely city of Barcelona.

The day started like any other day I failed to get out off bed without being grumpy or still half , but I think it took one moment to turn my head and realise **** I am in Barcelona it is not a day off it is a Holiday and I need to get out there and make memories and eat more great tapas along with a few more glasses of wine. So I jumped to it and threw on some clothes grabbed the laptop my camera and went down for hotel breakfast.

So what was on today’s list I hear you say as you pull the device your reading this off closer to you well my lovelies it was as follows,

– Plaza de cataluna which is situated at the top of La Rambla , Which Is where you would find all the designer shops from Fendi to Gucci to Cartier if you want to drag your other half in to look at wedding rings they have it all. As the street came to an end and the palm trees faded into the waterfall roundabout we headed down towards the next sight.

Outfit ” leather jacket and dress Zara , sunglasses ray ban and white new trainers primark ”

The Columbus Monument the streets were filled with bands playing, people laughing joining in clapping and singing and dancing to the tunes of the brass brand. It was a happy place to be it was alive and I was living in the moment of it all. As I walked down a bit more I could see a flea market just opposite the harbour so naturally course your girl has got to go and check it out along with walking along the harbour seeing all the boats and even going on one.

Where upon walking stumbled upon a little side street restaurant called Espai Mescladis the food was amazing and the service was incredible especially seeing as it was a non profit community project, they were extremely welcoming and the prices were ever so reasonable ( It also had my tomato bread which seems to be my new favourite SNACCKK) After lunch here I was craving a coffee so I stopped of at a little place called Hush Hush which is were I learned how to time lapse as I wrote down ideas to say in my  blog and drank my latte which went down a treat.

Walking through Barcelona you cant help but be pulled in by the charming Gothic Quarter, it is said to be over 2,000 years old and is full of narrow medieval streets all filled with one off bars and restaurants once home to the famous Picasso. Its also were I came across some reflection time in the Tranquil square coming to an end at the most famous monument the Gothic quarter cathedral dating back from the 13th-15th centuary and yes I did write two centuries but believe it or not that is in fact how long it took to build. When I had got to the cathedral there was a festival playing the locals were all dancing and the smiles sunbeamed off them! This is what Ed sheeran meant when saying dancing in the streets of Barcelona! It was beautiful.

As the night came to an end I took a little trip down the wine bar at the bottom of my hotel road and settled in for a nice glass of red and some more tomato bread ( Yes for those who know me who even am I? ) Red wine and Tomatoes’ and that sums up day 2 ! Which leads me on today its day 3 I have just finished breakfast and I need to get moving to see more of this glorious city


Till Then


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