Welcome to Barcelona

“As Storm Erik passed through the town I could here the rustle of the leaves the sound of laughter carried through the wind as if mother nature had once again come to town to clean up what belongs to her. I opened my eyes that morning to a clear sky, took a deep breathe and realised today was the day”

As any holiday would start you rush around picking up the toothpaste and the toothbrush you had just used whilst trying to multitask shaving the legs, throwing in the shower gel and the 2 in 1 rituals shampoo to try and save space on the toiletries I would say I was organised once always making sure everything was ready to go a week in advance but life’s been so hectic lately I haven’t had one minute to stop. Well that is all about to change I am off to Barcelona if we haven’t already gathered from the title and in true blogger fashion I have been ordered to bring the laptop to write down all my thoughts and blog diary entries to then post out to keep you all in touch with the life of Em.

As we write this I am currently on the British Airways A319 destination BCN, with a lovely view of the wing and a nice bottle of Bottega Rose Gold to keep me hydrated on my 1 hour 40 min flight across the lands and sea. Also got lucky with the fact there was a spare seat seeing as mine reclined so much it was almost sun lounge material.

So as sipping on my very extra pink bubbles, I have come to the decision that I will in fact just post every day; what I did ? Where I went? And who knows if I follow through on this it may mean that my blogger blocks been unblocked. Although bare with me because I decided on Holiday nails and who ever thought acrylics could be so difficult.


So the bubbles finished and the fasten seatbelts signs were on, the mountains had disappeared into the distance and the glow of sunset was on our horizon touch down was at 18:45 Barcelona time and it was time to grab the case and jump into the metro 19 stops later and 1 change it was time to check into the hotel. The Hotel I have chosen is the Ibis styles, I soon dropped the case and headed out to the streets for some tapas

(See what I mean about the nails)

Lokal Bar is what I stumbled across and well have a look for yourself , However I would really recommend this place again, the food was incredible and the staff were so lovely always checking in and accommodating to the fact I wanted endless amount of tomato bread. That is a must if you come here.

And that’s me done, Dinner been eaten wandering is about to start and I am very much in Love with Barcelona. Where shall today take us who knows but if you have any suggestions I can’t wait to see what you say, and you can find out all about it in tomorrow blog post

Till tomorrow




2 thoughts on “Welcome to Barcelona

  1. First of all, your photos are amazing. I really like the way you have edited them. Secondly, your writing style is so unique. It feels like you are writing only to me! This post was such an enjoyable read.

    Liked by 1 person

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