Trick but Treats

Double Double Toil and Trouble, glossy box’s have out done themselves again giving us a trick and treat which is pretty neat for all there glossy friends.

Hey you from the other side of the screen its that time off month again and no I don’t mean the time of month where we have on our classic girl boss films and eat ice cream out the tub I am talking about the gift delivered by the royal mail.

Glossy times, now I haven’t actually seen many off reviews on glossy this month so if you have written one or you have seen one please link it too me as I am dying to see what the treat box was like.

which brings me on to my next paragraph so you are like ” the treat box” and yes I am saying the treat box because as from the opening sentence glossy were so nice to us this Halloween that they actually gave away two boxes. Now I will be honest from the moment I knew they was doing this I was dying to get my hands on the trick box so when I opened my lovely little package on the crisp Saturday morning  I was delighted to see my shiny epic black box with trick written on it.

My face was a full on smile as always as I opened the box and un-done the ribbon. Now in this box there was 4 full size make up products, Or where they?

  1. Eye shadow Palette “Sleek Makeup” – Au Naturel

This palette is stunning especially for swapping them summer shades to the autumnal ones, This Au Naturel palette is cruelty free and has 12 super pigmented shades which cover you all from morning to night from the day time daisy to the night time smoky. Mix it together and you will get the perfect Halloween shade.


2.  This Work – In transit camera close-up

Another cruelty free product, with this little beauty you will be camera ready for them Halloween photographs and Instagram uploads. This is a moisturiser and primer in one.

RRP £17.00 for 20 Ml £35.00 For 40 Ml.

3.  Luna By Luna.

A cruelty free setting powder. keeping your face now and smooth for hours on end, such a light weight formula as well so it doesn’t feel heavy on your face perfect for when you are getting Halloween ready.

RRP: £17.00

4. MUA – Luxe Bronze and Sculpt contour kit.

This little vegan friendly 2 in 1 is the perfect essential for your everyday handbag or that little clutch bag on a weekend night.  MUA bring you two light weight powder shades for sculpting and defining your features.

Now trick a treat penny or sweet,  I got tricked into thinking I had 4 full price products until I re counted and realised oh wait there is 5 so would you like to see my trick edition

illamasqua- Antimatter lipstick -Energy

Clutch bag essential for them up coming Halloween parties. From the British beauty brand with an edge This lipstick will stand out and suit every up coming autumn outfit. the formula glides effortlessly onto the lip leaving a semi matte finish


I can honestly say glossy box, its been a delight receiving you again this month. And I can not wait for Christmas if you’re already spoiling us in Halloween.  Now if you want to get your hands on a glossy box yourself I have inserted there website just here. 

they are such an amazing company and for only £10.00 a month you can subscribe to all the best treats they really have to offer.

Lots of Love

P.s my hot choc was to cute not to add in.


12 thoughts on “Trick but Treats

    1. Aw thanks Lisa , the brand is glossy box I left a link . I totally recommend you check them out honestly they do good make up and they always choice there product with care Which is what I really like , so you’ll never be not satisfied x

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw yes the packaging is awesome although the name its self is pretty amazing. Its the first one I got from them but its actually really reslly good xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww your very welcome I haven’t used them before but I am definitely going to be keeping an eye out for more ? What’s your favourite shade? Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww that’s so sweet , I have a classic lipstick from day one which will be my wedding one it’s nice that you’ll always have that too remember tho and I shall check them out xx

        Liked by 1 person

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