Glow light, Glow bright.

“Tis the season off Halloween”, and as I am snuggled in bed with my nice warm beverage and twilight on in the background I thought I would let you in on my new autumn candles buys. So like any girl or any human who enjoys the warm glow and the scent that drifts through their house of course I brought candles. And off course they had to have something to do with the fall.

So grab your warm drinks and get  yourselves  autumn ready   because i am about to show you all the candles from TKMAX.

Lets start off then..


£12.99 ” this is probably the most expensive one of the lot, but its the best it literally has a wood wick. which leads to it crackling like an open bonfire when it is lit.




So there is a wrap on the candles, my fall edition ones anyway. Keep in the loop for the winter ones because by the looks of the tkmax website there is quite a lot that take my fancy.

Lots of Love


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