“Is this true, it cannot be true” Yes I can hear you from whatever screen device you are looking at this from. Words are forming on a page. A page I have not been on for a while and for that I am sorry, but how are you? I’ve missed you.

Blog is back and what better way to start then saying Hello guys the title should have been something more deep but unbox the box could mean so many things like “where has she been ?” “What secrets is she about to tell us!” “Why did she delete all old post” (I haven’t they are just in hiding) and sadly I am not here to tell you some elaborate story about how I got kidnaped and taken to space or how I just lost track of time? Or that I broke my laptop like a million times resulting in  no keyboard to type doesn’t that just sounds like the modern day version for  “ the dog ate my homework sir”.

So as much as I would love to sit here and give you all the reasons why blogging block happened to me. I am just going to get straight into it.

Unbox the Box then, well it’s not every morning you get woken up from a text from the Royal Mail saying that your parcel would be with you shortly. I  mean for a sleepy me I was very confused but when my nice carrier in his red top and grey shorts  turned up at  my door step with this little treat I couldn’t help but  unbox it.

I had been sent a glossy box, and trust me I am just as shocked as you are reading this, It was beautiful and I know I always say a picture paints a thousand words that is why I have left them all down below for you to feast your eyes on.

As you can see then it was the pride Edition. #LoveIsLove I absolute loved opening the packaging this morning. What with the box and the ribbon I Had already started to get excited about the goodies hiding underneath So what did I get?

6 Full Size products.

I received the ink me stamp and sticker tattoos.

Selfie Skin Nourishing sheet mask from Victoria secret pink

Lip and Cheek Jam from Trifle Cosmetics

Astrolight Highlighter from Kaleido Cosmetics

The shadow paint from 3INA

And that’s all so now that you’ve had a little bit of a peep maybe I should explain a little. Glossy box then what is it? Is an online little beauty treat heaven for £10.00 a month they provide you with a little box all wrapped with 5 amazing beauty treats inside. I will link them in so that you can check them out for yourselves but they are actually a pretty amazing brand you can tell that there is care in all they do and they really do push the boat out and provide you with some amazing brands so that you can try them and make sure that they are best suited for you before you jump in and buy them. (Kind of like a try and buy) and who doesn’t love a bit of that. I mean I literally cannot wait to start using all these products, So Thank you so much Glossy box for all these lovely little treats and I cannot wait till next month.

And on that note, that’s all guys I hope you liked the post and check out glossy box if you haven’t already. And maybe even tell me what brands you like using or what make up boxes are you all subscribed to?

Lots of Love

Till then,


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