Beautiful city of Edinburgh

The beautiful city of Edinburgh , Had been on my  mind for a while. So when I got the time of work  recently I jumped at the chance to book a mini trip away to this beautiful historic city.

The journey starts on  Wednesday the 15th flight 18;00 with BA, the flight is short but smooth and I have just about enough time to drink a small bottle of prosecco and get this holiday started. We arrive in Edinburgh around 7 and as we don’t have any luggage to pick up, its straight outside and onto the first bus airlink 100 toward Waverly Bridge. The journey takes around half an hour, and is totally worth the money not only do you get to see all the sights as you are on this bus but you also get free wifi and a place to charge your phone. Getting of the bus we are greeted by the set up of the Christmas market, The lights are on and the city looks alive…. A perfect welcome to Edinburgh, and the rest well just have a look below.


A cute pub just outside the dungeons, Came here on our first night and the locals welcomed us in with open arms in fact! we’re now part of “the heb”

university of Edinburgh

Mum and Me outside the castle

the best evening


We spent quite a bit of time exploring the area, but my favourite part was the old town. and all the way up to the Royal Mile  it just felt magical it felt like something out of Harry potter I mean after all it is the birth place of Harry potter what with its tall gothic buildings winding up and around. When walking up the cobble streets towards the castle hill I had one of those moments of overcoming pure  happiness with the sun shining, the beautiful scenery around us and someone playing the bagpipes, it was impossible not to feel all warm and fussy inside  The streets seemed to go on forever and the stairs.

The photo’s really do not do this beautiful city any justice. And I am already thinking about when I could plan my next visit, I miss it already and it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet. It’s one of those places I could definitely see myself living.


Thanks for having me Edinburgh.



4 thoughts on “Beautiful city of Edinburgh

  1. What a lovely post about a beautiful place, I feel like ordering plane tickets there right away! I can’t believe they have such an amazing university building. How is it even possible to concentrate studying in there? Thanks for sharing this post :)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw you’re very welcome , It truly is such a beautiful city. With so much history and sense of adventure I totally recommend you getting that ticket ASAP, I’ll tag along with you.
      AND I know that university is so beautiful I would just be day dreaming all day out the window 🙂 xx


  2. I’m going to Edinburgh next weekend and love that I came across this post just in time. it’s made me even more excited to visit! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww you’ll love it I would say old Edinburgh is my favourite I haven’t seen new Edinburgh as yet which is only down the hill from the castle , I am off there again in 2 weeks it’s amazing I fell in love ! I hope you have a great time xx


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